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Is the Moleskine Evernote Edition any good?

I just received my new Moleskine Evernote Edition in the mail today. I’ve been using Moleskine notebooks for years and have been looking forward to this item for a while now.

Here’s what it looks like:

Moleskine Evernote Edition
Moleskine Evernote Edition

Scribbling notes is as easy as any other notebook. From the iOS Evernote app, you can capture the page and store it in our Evernote account. You can even add little stickers (provided by Evernote, which are tucked away in the back folder) to each page which tells Evernote which folder you want your page to be stored into — that’s very cool.

Here’s what a document capture looks like within the new iOS 7 Evernote app:

Evernote iOS app document capture
Evernote iOS app document capture

The pages are supposed to be designed to allow better screen captures. As you can see, it does a good job. Then Evernote uses its OCR technology to scan the page so you can search your notes by keyword. That’s the best part: you scan your pages and never worry about having to file anything in the right place because as long as you remember something from it, Evernote will find it. As convenience goes, I give it top marks.



Are Solid State Drives Worth It?

Is it worth going to all the trouble of installing a Solid State Drive?

Absolutely! I recently switched to an SSD: it is like a brand new computer. It loads faster, it boots faster… it’s just so much better.

There are plenty of videos and tutorials on the web to show you how to do it. This post is only about whether you should do it. Again, yes, do it.

The Details:

Brand Name: Crucial

Model: M500 480GB SATA 2.5

What I installed it on: 2013 MacBook Pro

Difficulty Level: Much easier than I expected

My advice:

Before you buy the SSD, make sure you can handle the installation on the computer you have. For example:  on a late 2012 iMac, it is a major pain to perform this installation with many potential problems. Of course, you could hire a professional to do it for you if you’re not confidant enough in your skills. Research the process first, before you buy.