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Changes in Mavericks

Mac OS X Mavericks has changed my workflows. Although I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mavericks for quite some time, I now have the final, fully functional, polished version that was made available yesterday to all users for free. (nice!)

I haven’t had a chance to notice everything yet, but the first thing I did notice is its very tight integration with iOS 7. Apple seems to be moving in this direction. All their platforms, regardless of device have a more familiar feel, which is good. If things continue on this path, it shouldn’t be long before they all look almost identical.

The mobile devices, namely the iPad, iPhone, and iPod, that are running iOS 7, are getting more powerful. This capability will help with Apple’s grand plan of integrating everything seamlessly.

Anyway, I look forward to playing with iPhoto on the Mac’s integration with iOS 7. Being able to take a picture on my iPhone and have it sent to my Mac at the office within seconds can become very useful. Before Mavericks, I had a workaround. I had an If This Then That recipe that would forward all my iOS 7 photos to my Dropbox account. It worked fine, but there was sometimes a longer delay than I had expected. Nonetheless, it worked fine.

Sometimes I share portfolios with clients using Dropbox, and have Hazel delete the folder after a predetermined amount of time, freeing up space. I’m not sure yet if this is something Mavericks with iCloud will be able to handle. I will keep you posted.

iOS 7 Level Comes in Handy

Have you ever needed a level but you didn’t have one handy?

It happened to me. I had to hang a picture frame on my wall and I didn’t have a small enough level. iPhone to the rescue…

iOS 7 ships with a compass app. Open Compass, swipe to the left, and you have an accurate level:

almost level
iOS 7 Compass app – almost level

With a little adjustment, you should aim for this:

iOS 7 Compass app – level

The great thing is, it figures out if it’s being used sideways or flat and adjusts accordingly. I stumbled on it by accident and now I find myself using it a couple times a week… now if only it displayed degrees to 2 decimal places (or at least 1)… I could use it at my job sites. Until then, it’s fine for around the house.

Very handy; enjoy.