iOS 7 Level Comes in Handy

Have you ever needed a level but you didn’t have one handy?

It happened to me. I had to hang a picture frame on my wall and I didn’t have a small enough level. iPhone to the rescue…

iOS 7 ships with a compass app. Open Compass, swipe to the left, and you have an accurate level:

almost level
iOS 7 Compass app – almost level

With a little adjustment, you should aim for this:

iOS 7 Compass app – level

The great thing is, it figures out if it’s being used sideways or flat and adjusts accordingly. I stumbled on it by accident and now I find myself using it a couple times a week… now if only it displayed degrees to 2 decimal places (or at least 1)… I could use it at my job sites. Until then, it’s fine for around the house.

Very handy; enjoy.