Get a URL while you type with Keyboard Maestro

Difficulty: Basic

Don’t you hate having to switch between your text editor and your web browser to get a URL? Although the process is straightforward, it’s annoying and boring.

  • switch applications
  • highlight the URL
  • copy
  • switch back to your text editor
  • paste

Here’s a Keyboard Maestro macro that makes the entire process simple and fun and it will work from any text editor.

Get a URL super quick
Get a URL super quick

I used Safari for this, but you can use whatever browser you like as long as you know the keyboard shortcut to highlight the URL bar.

  1. While you type, press the keyboard shortcut you created
  2. The macro will open Safari
  3. I placed a pause here in case your computer is slow
  4. ⌘L will highlight the URL bar
  5. ⌘C to copy it
  6. Activate Last Application will activate the last application you were using, i.e., your text editor
  7. ⌘V to paste

Easy! I hope you find it useful.