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Yes, another blog…

Yet another blog about technology…

What makes this one different than the rest? There are so many good ones out there. Does the world really need another?

Of course, I’m biased, but the answer is, yes. The viewpoint I offer is underrepresented. In fact, I couldn’t find any. So here it is: the first blog of its kind! One written by a manual labourer… about making your Mac work for you.

I will attempt to write about Apple products and technology, with respect to work (i.e., hard, physical, back-breaking work). I am a contractor. The type of contracting is irrelevant. (This is not an attempt to garner more clients: I have more than I can handle as it is) I have cleaned sewers, dug trenches, mixed cement, laid bricks, and even shovelled asphalt. All dirty jobs. When I get home from a long day’s work, I work on my Mac (perhaps, play with my Mac, is more apt).

Anyway, enjoy, and get involved.