Adding a Yes or No Checkbox with Keyboard Maestro

Difficulty Level: Easy

Have you ever wondered how to add a checkbox in Keyboard Maestro? Although it’s not apparent, it’s extremely easy.

With all the incredible features Keyboard Maestro has, implementing user input has brought my scripts and macros to an entirely new level.

Here’s how to do it:

2 ways to perform a yes or no
2 ways to perform a yes or no

The first option will create a checkbox. It works with a 0 as false and a 1 as true with | (found above your ENTER key, and known as the pipe symbol) as the separator. Another way to look at it is this:

  • 0 is equal to false and also equal to box unchecked, or
  • 1 is equal to true and also equal to box checked

The second will create a dropdown menu with the 2 values also separated by the | symbol. In this case you have Yes and No.

These values are stored in their respective variables. In this case, I have named them: ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes or No’, but you can call them anything you like.

Yes or No dialog box using Keyboard Maestro
Yes or No dialog box using Keyboard Maestro

Of course, these 2 options by themselves are almost useless. Adding a conditional Action like an ‘If Then Else’ after the ‘Prompt for User Input’ will make this extremely useful.

Have fun with this.